Number 13, Summer 1976

22 posts

Anne Frye Cowgill Hall

Postcard announcement for an exhibition.

Barbara Smith: A Week in the Life of…

Description by Smith of her performance A Week in the Life of…

Bas Jan Ader “In Search of the Miraculous”

Telephone interview that took place on May 28, 1976 between Liza Béar, Willoughby Sharp, and Mary Sue Ader.

Bertil Petersson: Two Part Invention

Photo and description of the piece Two Part Invention.

Bleecker-On-The-Bowery: Fitzgibbon, Colleen

Taped conversation with Liza Béar that took place in Fitzgibbon’s studio at 5 Bleecker Street, NYC on Apr. 22, 1976.

Danse Albarga

Instructions for a dance.

Diego Cortez an Obvious Kind of Eyesore

Dialogue with Liza Bear.

Enzo Esposito at Pasquale Trisorio

Photo of Esposito’s postcard announcement for a performance at Pasquale Trisorio.

Gary Beydler: Pasadena Freeway Stills

Photo and description of Pasadena Freeway Stills by Beydler.

Hallwalls, Buffalo, New York

Summaries of events at the gallery over its first eighteen months of existence.

Henry F. Odell June 17, 1976

Drawing of Henry F. Odell by Lil Picard.

Mary Shaffer: Keep Off Sidewalks

Shaffer describes a sidewalk piece included in the exhibition “Garbage for Your Eye” show at Greenfield Community College, Mass.

Meredith Monk: Invocation/Evocation a Dialogue with Liza Bear

Monk discusses her background in music and performance and speaks in detail about several works.

Mogul is Mobil

Postcard from Susan Mogul.

Peter Frank: More Than a Listing

Descriptions and publication information about several art and artist books.


List of new artists’ books, art books, catalogues, periodicals, and books on video.

Reindeer Werk

Photo and description of a performance by Reindeer Work.

Reiner Ruthenbeck “Eclipse”

Ruthenbeck discusses his transition from photography to sculpture, the influence of meditation on his work, and his method of displaying his works of art.

Richard Baron: Why Judy Garland?

Baron explains his work done in honor of the American Bicentennial.

Robert Wade

Description of Wade’s sculptural project The Bicentennial Map of the U.S.

Straight Razor: Jim Roche Talks to Willoughby Sharp

Roche discusses his audio performances.

William Leavitt: A Proof of Infinity

Leavitt describes the performance A Proof of Infinity performed by Gail Gorgano.