Number 11, Summer 1975

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“Je/Nous” at Musee d’Ixelles

Description of the exhibition “Je/Nous” organized in aid of the Belgian newspaper Pour. Includes a partial list of participating artists. Catalogue here.

70th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Museums

Announcement of the conference theme and location.

Alan Saret: Installation for Man, a Conversation with Willoughby Sharp

Saret discusses his three years spent in India, his experience as an artist in NYC, his process of creating several art works, and Alel, the religious organization he founded.

Alice Aycock and Rita Myers at Walters Hall Art Gallery

Description of the exhibition and a brief exhibition history and description of each artist’s oeuvre.

Art/Tapes/22 at Walker Art Center

Announcement of a video show at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN.

Carp, Los Angeles

Description of Carp, an art venture formed by Barbara Burden and Marylin Nix.

Contact Improvisation

Photos by Gwen Thomas of You Come, We Show You What We Do, a dance performance held at the Kitchen, NYC, April 5-6.

Darcy Lange Videography: Work

Lange discusses her art education and her creative shift from sculpture to film to photography to video as well as her interest in depicting people at work.

Films: Mary Miss “Cut-Off”

Description of the film Cut-Off (1974-75) by Mary Miss with camera and editing by Bill Gordy. Includes a still from the film.

Films: Nancy Holt “Pine Barrens”

Description of the film Pine Barrens (1975) by its creator, Nancy Holt.

Films: Virginia Piersol “Left-Hand Throw”

Description by Piersol of her film Left-Hand Throw. Includes stills from the film and a discussion of her creative process. Also mentions In the Wake of… to be show at the Idea Warehouse on July 7.

Gilbert & George at Lucio Amelio’s Gallery, Naples

Mention of the exhibition “Bloody Life: Selections from the Collection of Dorothy and Herbert Vogel.”

Glenda Hydler’s book art

Hydler describes her artist books.

Joel Shapiro: Torquing

A dialogue with Liza Béar that took place on Feb. 6 at Shapiro’s studio, 54 Leonard Street, 93 Grand Street, and a foundry in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Jon Gibson at the Kitchen

Announcement of concert by Gibson at the Kitchen.

Julia Heyward’s “Ma I Am Huh”

Heyward describes her performance piece Ma I Am Huh.

Laurie Anderson: Confessions of a Street Talker

Writing piece by Anderson. Covers many topics in a stream of consciousness style. Includes mention of a performance she did at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago as part of the “Bodyworks” exhibition that took place Mar. 8-Apr. 27,1975. Catalog here.

Marcel Broodthaers at the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford

Announcement of an exhibition and subsequent catalogue by Broodthaers.

Message: Eadweard Muybridge Exhibition

Announcement of a Muybridge exhibition of photographs.

Messages: “Projected Video” at the Whitney Museum

List of some films projected in the exhibition.

Messages: “San Francisco Bay Area Artists’ Work on Videotape” at And/Or

Announcement of the exhibition “San Francisco Bay Area Artists’ Work on Videotape” that was shown at the non-profit artist’s space And/Or.

Messages: A Pedestrian Diversion by Bill Beirne

Announcement of A Pedestrian Diversion performed by Bill Beirne on the east sidewalk on Mercer St., NYC.

Messages: Andy Mann at Anthology Film Archives

Tapes from Italy and Texas shown at Anthology.

Messages: Anthony McCall wins the Jean Marie Josi Prize

McCall won the Belgian prize for his film Line Describing a Cone.

Messages: Beryl Korot at the Kitchen

One Four Channel and One One Channel Video Works shown Feb. 15-29 at the Kitchen.

Messages: Christopher Rauschenberg at 112 Greene St.

Announcement of Rauschenberg’s solo show “Black and White Photographs Taken in the Last Three Years.”

Messages: David Lee’s Pyramid Theory

Brief description of the movie.

Messages: Douglas Dunn at the Minnesota Dance Theatre

Announcement of a solo performance of “Gestures in Red”.

Messages: Glass and Wilson Opera

Announcement that Glass and Wilson plan on collaborating on an opera in Iran.

Messages: Gunderson & Clark at the N.A.M.E. Gallery

Announcement of a performance of RADMA WAAD.

Messages: Lina Wertmuller’s New Movie

Mention of a movie that will feature Van Schley, Richard Dreyfus, and Shelley Winters.

Messages: Luigi Ontani Update

Photo from Ontani’s series of self portraits as historical figures.

Messages: Movies at Anthology Film Archives

Mention of several movies to be shown at Anthology.

Messages: Nice Style’s “Final Pose”

Photo published and mailed to supporters.

Messages: Richard Long at Galerie Yvon Lambert

Announcement of show in April, 1975.

Messages: Scott Billingsly at the Whitney

Announcement of Induction a solo show by Billingsly at the Whitney Museum Art Resources Center.

Messages: Trakas at the Graduate Center

Announcement of the exhibition of Wall Pieces.

On Kawara: One Million Years

Photo of pp. 1700-1701 of One Million Years (volume 9 of 10 volumes).

Performance Arts Festival

Announcement of festival being staged in Covent Garden by the Arts Council of Great Britain.


List of recent publications: books by artists, exhibition catalogues and periodicals.

RD Ginther at the San Francisco Museum of Art

Brief description of the exhibition.

Recent Works by Ilene Segalove

Description of several videotapes by Segalove.

Steve Paxton: Like the Famous Tree

A dialogue with Liza Béar that was recorded at various locations in Vermont.