Number 10, December 1974

62 posts

“Soup & Tart” at the Kitchen

Description of “Soup & Tart” a program organized by Jean Dupuy.

“South of the Slot” at 63 Bluxome Street

Announcement of a show of northern Californian artists.

“The Desert People” Premier

Announcement of the premier of David Lamelas’ film.

Adrian Piper Moving to Boston


Agnes Denes at Corcoran Gallery

Announcement of Denes’ show “Perspectives”.

Alan Saret Mailing

Mention of Saret’s mailing inviting people to 54 Leonard St., NYC.

And/Or Gallery

Announcement of the opening of a new gallery in Seattle.

Annette Messager Update

Briefly discusses artwork and an exhibition.

Bas Jan Ader at Kabinett fur Aktuelle Kunst

Announcement of Ader’s exhibition “In Search of the Miraculous”.

Chris Burden at the Poolerie

Photo and description of the piece Dreamy Nights.

Chris Burden’s “Oh, Dracula”

Description of Burden’s performance piece.

Christian Boltanski’s Le Grand-Pere

Mention of a series of performances enacting Boltanski’s childhood.


Advertisement for “Continue…” at Rene Block Gallery, NYC.

Daniel Buren: Kunst Bleibt Politik

Buren discusses censorship and art.

David Ross Update

Announcement of Ross’s new job.

David Tremlett at the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford

Brief description of works to be shown at Tremlett’s exhibition.

Exhibitions at Samangallery

Lists exhibitions by Brenda Miller and others.

Francesc Torres and Galerie des Locataires

Mention of two exhibitions featuring Torres.

Freud Photos at the Jewish Museum

Brief description of the exhibition “19 Berggasse: The Office and Antiquities of Dr. Sigmund Freud, Vienna, 1938”.

Frosty Myers at Sculpture Now, Inc.

Brief description of the creation of works in Myers’ show.

Galerie Germain

Advertisement for Galerie Germain, 19 Rue Guenegaud, Paris.

Galleria l’Attico

Advertisement for Galleria l’Attico, includes a list of artists.

Galleria l’Attico Opening Hours

Updated hours of Fabio Sargentini’s gallery.

Gerard Hovagimyan’s “Control Designators”

Announcement and description of the exhibition.

Gordon Matta-Clark: Splitting (The Humphrey Street Building)

Matta-Clark discusses how he came to his practice of working with buildings and his specific building cutting project at the Humphrey Street building, New Jersey.

Gunpowder Burn and other Works

Advertisement for Gunpowder Burn and other works by Peter Barton at Taconic Ltd., Sheffield, Mass.

Hans Haacke: Manet/Projekt ’74

Essay about and excerpts from Haacke’s piece Manet-Projekt ’74.

Jack Smith: Fear Ritual of Shark Museum

Collaborative piece by Smith and Avalanche. Photos by Gwenn Thomas and mechanics by Stephen Saban.

Jeffrey Lew at 112 Greene Street

Description of two exhibitions at the gallery.

Joel Fisher: As Strong as a Spider’s Web

Interview with Liza Béar in NYC on Apr. 26, 1974.

Joseph Beuys at Rene Block Gallery

Description of Beuys’ I Like Amerika, Amerika Likes Me

Juxtaposed, Contained, Revealed

Description of a dance piece by Barbara Dilley and Tina Girouard.

Keith Sonnier Awarded Prize

Keith Sonnier update.

Lawrence Weiner Update

Mention of Weiner’s exhibition “From Major to Minor/From Small to Large (Often Found) Within the context of Effectiveness” at the Claire S. Copley Gallery, Los Angeles, in November and his current film project. Daniel Buren also showed at Copley. Additional information about the gallery here.

Layered Line, Joel Fisher

Advertisement for Joel Fisher at Paula Cooper Gallery, New York.

Lowell Darling Divorced

Darling divorced from his wife at Womanspace.

Man Ray Retrospective

Announcement of a Man Ray retrospective at the New York Cultural Center.

Marcel Broodthaers, Joel Fisher, Sol Lewitt, Robert Mangold showing 1974-75

Advertisement for shows at Max Protetch New York City and Washington D.C. locations.

Maria Nordman at Galleria Toselli

Description of Nordman’s solo show at Galleria Toselli, Milan.

Messages: I Am Thinking To Float Away

Photo of Ikka Juhani Takalo-Eskola’s work.

Michael Harvey at Verelst-Poirier Gallery

Description of Harvey’s one-man exhibition at Verelst-Poirier Gallery, Antwerp.

Michael Snow at Anthology Film Archives

Rameau’s Nephew by Diderot (Thanx to Dennis Young) by Wilma Schoen, 1974 was screened.

New Era Social Club


On Kawara at Cusack Gallery

Announcement of Kawara’s solo exhibition at Cusack Gallery, Houston.

Otto Piene Appointed Director

Announcement of Otto Piene’s appointment as director of MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies.

P.M.J. Self & Co. Gallery

Announcement of the opening of Robert Self’s gallery P.M.J. Self & Co. Ltd. at 10 Haunch of Venison Yard, London. The first exhibition is of works by Bruce Nauman.

Paul Maenz’s New Book

Announcement of the publication Art Deco – Forms Between Two Wars 1920-1940.

Poetry Reading

Announcement of a poetry reading by art critics at the Marian Locks Gallery.


List of new books by artists, catalogues, periodicals, and video. Includes publication and ordering information.

Schley/Adler: World Run

Photos and description of World Run a global art piece by Van Schley and Billy Adler.

Simone Forti: Dancing at the Fence

Essay by Forti where she writes about her process studying and creating movement and watching animals “dance” at the zoo.

Speedy Recovery to Jackie Winsor

Message on behalf of Avalanche to Winsor.

Splitting by Gordon Matta-Clark

Advertisement for Matta-Clark’s book Splitting published by 98 Greene Street Loft Press.

Stefan Eins

Advertisement for “Crowbars, Pulleys, Fog: A non-electronic record reproducing device demonstration and sale” at 3 Mercer Street Store

Stefanotty: The Les Levine Group Show

Advertisement for a show at Stefanotty Gallery, NYC.

Stephen Laub’s Projections

Laub discusses his projection series Strangers and Family as well as a performance at the Museum of Conceptual Art, San Francisco.

Sylvia Whitman’s “Going”

Description of the dance performance.

Terry Fox: Children’s Videotapes

Discusses his Children’s Videotapes which were shown at the Everson Museum of Art.

The Phil Glass Ensemble: Music in Twelve Parts

Willoughby Sharp interviewed members of the Phil Glass Ensemble following their July 10 concert at The Town Hall, New York.

Third Women’s Video Festival

Call for contributions to the “Third Women’s Video Festival”.

Video Program by Antonio Muntadas

Description of a video program produced by Muntadas.

William Burroughs at the Cinematheque Pacificque, Vancouver

Mention of Burrough’s reading at the Cinematheque.