Number 3, Fall 1971

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93 Grand

Ad for performances at 93 Grand, NYC.

98 Greene Street Loft

Advertisement for 98 Greene Street Loft, includes upcoming events.

A Metal Ring Encircling a Tree An Interview with Ulrich Rückriem

Interview with Willoughby Sharp in May at Castle Norvenich. Includes exhibition history.

A Space

Description of the Canadian non-profit art space.


Description of the rock theater group comprised of New York City based artists.

Barry Le Va at Rolf Ricke

Advertisement for Le Va show at Galerie Ricke.

Calzolari at Sonnabend

Advertisement for Pier Paolo Calzolari exhibition at Sonnabend Gallery, 420 West Broadway.

Chilean Nitrate of Soda Potash by Juan Downey

Mention of when and where Chilean Nitrate of Soda Potash by Juan Downey was exhibited.

Christ & Pythagoras by Italo Scanga

Documentation of the piece Christ & Pythagoras by Italo Scanga.

Cows a 15 Minute Videotape

Advertisement for Cows by Gene Davis.

Discussions with Barry Le Va

Discussions with Liza Béar and Willoughby Sharp June-August, 1971 at 74 Grand Street.

Donald Corrigan September-October

Advertisement for Donald Corrigan exhibition at Protetch-Rivkin Gallery, Washington D.C.

Elements, Actions, and Conditions of Turgescent Sex

Stills and description of the Terry Fox film Turgescent Sex.

Food 127 Prince Street at Wooster

Advertisement for Food restaurant.

Food Opening

Description of the unofficial opening of the artist run restaurant Food.

Gerald Byerley, Media Translations III

Advertisement for Gerald Byerley Media Translations III.

Gilbert & George at Sonnabend Gallery

Photo and description of Underneath the Arches performed by Gilbert and George.

Great Balls of Fire, Inc. Announces a New Division, Telethon

Advertisement for Great Balls of Fire, Inc.

I Dedicate These Works to Those Artists Who Are Still Alive

Advertisement for several exhibitions of works by Rafael Ferrer occurring in 1971-1972.

Ira Joel Haber

Advertisement for Ira Joel Haber at Fischbach Gallery and Galerie M.E. Thelen.

Italo Scanga at Henri Gallery

Advertisement for an exhibition of work by Italo Scanga at Henri Gallery, Washington D.C.

Jackie Winsor

Brief description of several pieces.

Jacks by Gordon Matta-Clark

Documentation of piece Jacks.

Jindrich Chalupecky on Eva Kmentova and Hugo Demartini

Quotes from art theoretician Jindrich Chalupecky on the Czech artists Eva Kmentova and Hugo Demartini.

John Goodyear Earth Curve

Advertisement for John Goodyear’s exhibition “Earth Curve”.

Joseph Kosuth at Leo Castelli

Advertisement for Kosuth’s exhibition at Leo Castelli Gallery.

Mac Adams

Brief description of a current project by Mac Adams.

Max Neuhaus’s Long Distance Touch

Description of unrealized piece entitled Long Distance Touch.


Dee-Dee and the Artistics perform at New Age Chit-Chat Cantina.

Messages: Alan Sondheim Update

Update on his activities.

Messages: Audrey Hemenway Garfinkel at the Jewish Museum

Description of Garfinkel’s sculpture Late Model Sukkah.

Messages: Eric Emmerson forms the group Messiah

Mention of Emmerson’s group Messiah which performs weekends at the Mercer Street Kitchen.

Messages: Gerald Hayes at Laura Knott Gallery

Mention of Gerald Hayes’s solo show at the Laura Knott Gallery.

Messages: Gilbert & George Book Announcement

Announcement of a book about Gilbert and George published by Kaster and Walther Konig.

Messages: Gino de Dominicis

Description of a piece by Gino de Dominicis shown at Galleria L’Attico.

Messages: Jeffrey Lew at John Weber Gallery

Announcement of new work at John Weber Gallery.

Messages: Kinetic Ocean Piece

Description of Robert Grosvenor’s Kinetic Ocean Piece.

Messages: Lawrence Weiner Update

Update on activities.

Messages: Max Neuhaus and Walter De Maria Drum Duel

Mention of a drum duel between Walter de Maria and Max Neuhaus.

Messages: Perreault and Haber at the Lenox Art Center

Ira Joel Haber and John Perreault collaboration at the Lenox Art Center, Mass.

Messages: Rafael Ferrer at Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania

Brief description of Ferrer’s solo environmental show at the University of Pennsylvania Institute of Contemporary Art.

Messages: Richard Long at Art & Project

Announcement of a sculpture on exhibit at Art & Project.

Messages: Roger Welch Performance

Mention of a performance of Long Island Maneuvers.

Messages: Yoko Ono’s “This Is Not Here”

Description of “This is Not Here” an exhibition at the Everson Museum, Syracuse.

Nancy Graves at Reese Palley San Francisco

Advertisement for exhibition at Reese Palley, San Francisco.

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design Lithography Workshop

Ad for lithographs from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design Lithography Workshop.

Observatory by Robert Morris

Documentation of the construction of Observatory through text and photographs.

Outcrops by George Trakas

Extracts from notebooks 1964-1971.

Paula Cooper 100 Prince Street

Advertisement for Paula Cooper gallery at 100 Prince Street. Artists listed.

Philip Glass Ensemble Update

Discusses the recording and performance of the pieces Music in 12 Parts and Music with Changing Parts, and performances at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and the Whitney Museum.

Preparation for Barry Le Va’s October Show

Advertisement for new location of Nigel Greenwood Gallery, London.

Publications: Giulio Paolini Participated in the Exhibition “Formulations”

Mention of Paolini’s participation in “Formulations” at the Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.

Publications: Several Publications by Allen Ruppersberg

Discussion of recent works and publications.


Documents Joel Fisher making soap out of butter, May-June 1971, London.

The Art of Searching An Interview with David Tremlett

Interview with David Tremlett. Photos by David Bratfield.


Brief description of the Triennale-India and an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Includes list of participating artists.

Ululations by Bill Beckley

Descriptions and documentation of several works by Bill Beckley.

Vito Acconci

Piece of writing dated Sept. 27, 1971.

Vito Acconci, Claim

Photo and description of the piece Claim, performed by Vito Acconci on Sept. 10.

William Wegman Update

Mention of several works.

Willoughby Sharp at the University of Iowa

Advertisement for video demonstration by Willoughby Sharp at the University of Iowa, March 1.