Number 2, Winter 1971

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112 Greene Street: An Interview with Alan Saret and Jeffrey Lew

Interview took place at Alan Saret’s Spring Street studio on Nov. 17, 1970. Interviewer uncredited. The interview discusses the history of the space, how exhibitions are arranged, and how artists were chosen to exhibit their work. Pieces from the inaugural exhibition that took place Oct. to Dec. 1970 are pictured and reflected upon by the […]

22 Equals 44 Innovations 71

Advertisement for 22 Equals 44 Innovations 71 April 19-May 8 in the Museum Gallery, Foundation Building, Cooper Union.

9 artists/9 spaces at the Walker Art Center

Description of the removal and subsequent reinstallation of Wegman’s contribution to the exhibition 9 artists/9 spaces in Minneapolis, MN.

98 Greene Street Loft

Advertisement for 98 Greene Street Loft performances.

A Discussion with Terry Fox, Vito Acconci, and Dennis Oppenheim

Conversation between the three artists about their participation in a performance at the Reese Palley Gallery, New York.

Action Aktion Azione Accion

Advertisement for Vanity Press Skollvej, New York and Denmark.

Alphabet by John Perreault

Description of Alphabet, performed at the Emanuel YMHA (New York City) on January 31.

Austrian Artist Arnulf Rainer

Update on Rainer’s activities.

Bas Jan Ader

Brief discussion of several pieces by Bas Jan Ader. Includes a statement by the artist.

Bernar Venet: 8 Drawings from 1966

Advertisement for a portfolio of drawings.

Body Works

Ad for the video exhibition Body Works at Breen’s Bar, San Francisco Oct. 18, 1970.

Bruce Nauman

Interview with Bruce Nauman which took place on May 7, 1970 at Nauman’s studio at San Jose State College.

Bruce Nauman at Leo Castelli

Advertisement for exhibit at Leo Castelli Gallery.

Bykert Gallery 24 E. 81 NYC

Advertisement for Jan Dibbets and Michael Snow exhibitions.

Centro di Documentazione Internationale

Description of the Centro di Documentazione Internationale headed by Mario Giorgi.

Chris Wilmarth at Paula Cooper Gallery

Advertisement for Chris Wilmarth exhibition.

Coming All Over the World the Only Real Picture Newspaper

Subscription information for a new newspaper.

Documents: Dennis Oppenheim

Photos and descriptions of several works by Oppenheim.

Documents: John Van Saun

Photos documenting the piece Horizontal Test Flight.

Documents: Richard Serra

Photos and descriptions of several works by Serra.

Draft of Artists’s Reserved Rights Sale Agreement

Description and discussion of Artist’s Reserved Rights Sale Agreement.

Drifts and Conversions by Vito Acconci

Photo spread by Shunk-Kender of two pieces by Acconci.

Eat at Max’s Kansas City ; Eat at Max’s Terre Haute

Advertisement for Max’s Kansas City and Max’s Terre Haute.

Exhibitions: “Identifications” a Television Exhibition

Description of the television exhibition “Identifications” organized by Gerry Schum on November 30, 1970.

Exhibitions: Beuys and Fox Perform Isolation Unit

Description of the performance piece Isolation Unit by Joseph Beuys and Terry Fox.

Exhibitions: California Girls

Exhibition at the Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA. February 11-March 7, 1971.

Exhibitions: Contributions Being Accepted for “For the People”

Announcement of the exhibition “For the People,” organized by Whoever.

Exhibitions: Elements of Art at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Announcement of the exhibition “Earth, Air, Fire, Water: Elements of Art”.

Exhibitions: Formulation

Announcement of the exhibition “Formulation” at the Addison Gallery of American Art.

Exhibitions: Hard Core by Walter De Maria

List of showings of Hard Core (1969).

Exhibitions: Painting and Sculpture by New York Women Artists

Announcement of the exhibition “Twenty Six Contemporary Women Artists” organized by Lucy Lippard.

Exhibitions: Paul Kos Update

Information about a few Kos projects.

Exhibitions: Robert Breer’s Osaka I

Description and photo of Breer’s piece Osaka I, mention of film screenings.

Fischbach Gallery 29 W. 57th Street

Advertisement for exhibitions at Fischbach Gallery.

Group Show at 112 Greene Street

Description of an exhibition at 112 Greene Street Gallery coordinated by Richard Van Buren.

Hans Breder at the University Theater

Description and illustration of Breder’s Eclipse II.

Happenings and Fluxus Opened on November 6

Description and photo of the exhibition “Happenings and Fluxus” which took place at the Kölnischer Kunstverein in 1970.

Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

Advertisement for Harry N. Abrams art publishing house.

Interview: Terry Fox

Interview with Terry Fox. Includes descriptions and photographs of several pieces.

Iowa View

Ad for Iowa View by Theodosius Victoria.

Jack Goldstein at the Pomona Art Gallery

Description and illustration of a piece from Goldstein’s solo show at the Pomona Art Gallery.

Jill Johnston: Marmalade Me

Advertisement for the book Marmalade.

Joan Jonas and Barbara Lloyd Present New Dances

Description of works by Joan Jonas and Barbara Lloyd.

John Perreault

Advertisement for John Perreault

King for a Day by Bruce McLean

Artwork by Bruce McLean. Photographs by Dirk Buwalda.

Klaus Rinke Retrospective

Includes biographical information, exhibition history, and photographs of works by Klaus Rinke.

Larry Bell at Pace

Ad for exhibition at Pace Gallery.

March on Washington April 24

Sponsored announcement of the March on Washington.

Marjorie Strider


Mel Bochner: The Theory of Measurement

Advertisement for exhibition at the 112 Greene Street Gallery

Members of the Faculty Fine Arts Department

Advertisement for the School of Visual Arts.

Memory: Burnt Perfume

Advertisement for exhibition “Below the Equator” at Jack Misrachi Gallery.

Messages: Ad Hoc Women Artists’ Committee Registry of Women Artists

Ad Hoc Women Artists’ Committee is compiling a list of women artists for a registry.

Messages: Barry Bryant in Hoved Bladet

Announcement of Bryant’s street works in the Copenhagen underground newspaper.

Messages: Bob Kinmont at Reese Palley Gallery

Announcement of a spring show at Reese Palley Gallery, San Francisco.

Messages: Brigid Polk Photographs

Mention of photos of Brigid Polk impersonating Larry Poons.

Messages: Daniel Buren’s Indications

Daniel Buren executing works around New York City.

Messages: Director of Jewish Museum Resigns

Karl Katz resigned from the Jewish Museum on February 2.

Messages: Gilbert & George Tour Germany

Gilbert & George tour Germany in October to perform Underneath the Arches.

Messages: Hanne Darboven at Konrad Fischer

Brief description of a daily changing exhibition entitled “One Century in One Year” at Konrad Fischer’s Galerie.

Messages: Hans Haacke at Paul Maenz

Announcement of the opening of Galerie Paul Maenz.

Messages: Italo Scanga at the Woods-Gerry Gallery

Mention of an exhibition of Scanga’s work in the basement of the Woods-Gerry Gallery

Messages: John Baldessari at Konrad Fischer Galerie

Announcement of spring show at Konrad Fischer Galerie, Dusseldorf.

Messages: John Coplans, Editor

Announcement of Coplans’s appointment as editor of Artforum.

Messages: Joseph Kosuth at Protetch-Rivkin Gallery

Description of the piece Outline of the Library of Congress Classification at Protetch-Rivkin Gallery, Washington D.C. in January.

Messages: Juan Downey Growing Plants in His Manhattan Loft

Brief description of Juan Downey’s project.

Messages: Larry Stark at the Addison Gallery of American Art

Brief description of Stark’s exhibition “In the Merry Month of May/Larry Crossed the USA/Ate McDonalds All the Way/Tells His Story Day by Day.”

Messages: Mario Amaya will not direct the MCA,Chicago

Announcement of Amaya’s rescinding the director position at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

Messages: National Endowment for the Arts

Announcement of the appointment of Leavitt to head an NEA grant panel.

Messages: Newton Harrison at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Brief description of Harrison’s contribution to the exhibition “Earth, Air, Fire, Water: Elements of Art”.

Messages: Paul Cotton Living in the Back of a Gallery

Update on activities.

Messages: Phil Niblock at the Whitney

Announcement of the concert event “Environments III”.

Messages: Robert Whitman’s Salary

Listing of Whitman’s salary as Billy Kluver’s assistant at E.A.T.

Messages: Sol Lewitt in Art & Project Bulletin

Announcement of pieces in Art & Project’s 32nd bulletin.

Messages: Valley Curtain Project

Brief description of Christo’s Valley Curtain Project.

Messages: William Wegman, Solo Show

Announcement of Wegman solo show at the Pomona Art Gallery.

Milgo Art Systems

Advertisement featuring a photo of a Serra piece executed by Milgo Art Systems.

Mrs. Burke, I thought You Were Dead by William Wegman

Magazine art piece consisting of photos and text.

Musart Spiral Foods

Advertisement for the restaurant.

New Realists Tenth Anniversary

Description of the exhibition “The New Realists 1960/1970” .

New York University Special Events Program

Ad for NYU Special Events, lists participants 1968-1971.

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

Description of the college. Includes mention of visiting artists, student work, local galleries, and artworks.

Objects by Neil Jenney in Objects by Merce Cunningham

Announcement of objects by Neil Jenney used in Merce Cunningham’s work Objects, performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Opening: 98 Greene Street Loft

Announcement of the opening of the 98 Greene Street Loft gallery.

Pratt Institute M.F.A. Council Continuing Lecture Series 1970-1971

Advertisement for Pratt Institute Graduate Programs in Art and Design MFA Council Continuing Lecture Series.


List of catalogues and books recently published.

Robert Irwin at the Museum of Modern Art

Description of a temporary piece by Irwin at the Museum of Modern Art.

Rolf Ricke, Cologne

Ad for Rolf Ricke’s Galerie Ricke.

Sixth Guggenheim International Exhibition

Announcement of the Sixth Guggenheim International Exhibition held February – April, 1971. Includes list of participating artists.

Sonnabend Gallery 420 West Broadway

Advertisement for Sonnabend Gallery.

Terry Fox at Reese Palley

Advertisement for Fox at Reese Palley Gallery.

The Great Building Crackup

Advertisement for The Great Building Crackup An Architectural Improvisation 1967-? by Robert Delford Brown. Photo by Shunk-Kender.

The Helman Gallery

Advertisement for Helman Gallery featuring work by Bruce Nauman.

The Museum of Conceptual Art

Ad for the Museum of Conceptual Art.

The Nature of Things

Advertisement for three one-man exhibitions.

Thirty-three Year Old German Sculptor Reiner Ruthenbeck

General information about the artist, mention of solo exhibition at Konrad Fischer Gallery.

Van Saun

Advertisement for Van Saun exhibition at Richard Feigen Gallery.

Videoworks from The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

Advertisement for exhibition at 93 Grand Street.

Vito Acconci

Advertisement for exhibition March 27-April 24.

Vito Acconci Residency

Announcement of an upcoming residency at the Nova Scotia College of Art.

Work Removed from the Sixth Guggenheim International Exhibition

Advertisement announcing the removal of a piece from the Sixth Guggenheim International Exhibition.

Yves Klein

Photographs of Klein executing Anthropometries.