Yvonne Rainer

Interview conducted by Liza Béar and Willoughby Sharp on Aug. 10, 1972 at 137 Greene Street. Edited with Rainer. Pieces mentioned: Three Satie Spoons first performed at the Living Theater, NY July 1961. Photo from a performance in August, 1962 at KQED-TV San Francisco, CA. Ordinary Dance first performed at Judson Church, NY, July 1962. Excerpt of monologue and photo from a performance in August, 1962 at KQED-TV San Francisco, CA. Three Seascapes first performed at the Maidman Playhouse, NY, 1962 (photo from rehearsal at Judson Church, NYC, Jan. 1963) Word Words (collaboration with Steve Paxton) photo from performance at Judson Church, Jan. 28, 1963 ; Terrain photo from performance at Judson Church, NYC, April 1963, performers include Steve Paxton, Trisha Brown, Rainer, William Davis, Albert Reid, and Judith Dunn ; Dialoguesphoto from performance at Steve Paxton’s Surplus Dance Theater, Feb. 9, 1964 performers include Deborah Hay, Rainer, Judith Dunn, Lucinda Childs, Alex Hay, Tony Holder, and Steve Paxton ; Some Parts of Some Sextets first performed at the Wadsworth Atheneum, CT, March 6-7 1965 (photo from performance at Judson Church, March 26, 1965) ; The Mind is a Muscle 1 photo from performance at Anderson Theater, NY, April 1968 performers include William Davis, Gay Delanghe, Barbara Lloyd, Becky Arnold, David Gordon, Rainer, Steve Paxton, & Harry De Dio, another photo from the “Judson Flag Show” at Judson Church, Nov. 9, 1970 performed by Steve Paxton, David Gordon, Nancy Green, Dong, Barbara Lloyd, Rainer ; Carriage Discreteness (illustrated) performed at “9 Evenings of Theatre & Engineering” 69th Regiment Armory, NY, Oct. 1966 ; North-East Passing (photo) first performed at Goddard College, Nov. 1968 ; Continuous Project – Altered Daily (photo) performed at the Whitney Museum, March 31, April 2, 1970. Performers include Becky Arnold, Douglas Dunn, David Gordon, Barbara Lloyd, Steve Paxton, Rainer, Annette Michelson, Carrie Oyarma, George Sugarman, Hollis Frampton, Lucinda Childs, Norman Fire, Richard Foreman ; Grand Union Dreams photo from performance at Emanuel Midtown YMHA, May 16, 1971 ; Walk, She Said photo from performance at Whitney Museum, April 21, 1972. Performers include Epp Kotkas, James Barth, Fernando Torm, Valda Setterfield, Rainer, Shirley Soffer War (photo) first performed at Douglass College, NJ, Nov. 6, 1970 Inner Appearances first performed at Hofstra University, Long Island, March 21, 1972. Photo from “Festival of Music and Dance” l’Attico, Rome, June 1972 Lives of Performers (stills) directed by Rainer, first shown at Guggenheim Museum, Aug. 12, 1972. Cinematographer: Babette Mangolte, performers included John Erdman, Valda Setterfield, Fernando Torm, Shirley Soffer, Epp Kotkas, James Barth, and Rainer ;Trio A ; Dance for 3 People and 6 Arms (1962) ; Room Service performed at Judson Church 1963 ; See Saw (choreographed by Simone Forti, performed by Rainer and Robert Morris at Reuben Gallery, c1960). Additional performances mentioned:  “An Evening of Dance Constructions (with Simone Forti at Yoko Ono’s loft, 1961). Additional spaces mentioned: ICA, Philadelphia.