Tina Girouard ‘If I’m Lyin’ I’m Dyin’ On the Road to Catahoula: A Dialogue with Liza Béar

A dialogue edited from tapes made in Cecilia, Louisiana, on Aug. 17 and in New York City on Sept. 15. Photographs by Tina Girouard and Richard (Dickie) Landry. Pieces mentioned: The Bridge: Cross and Innovation performed with Barbara Dilley, Dickie Landry providing music (illustrated – University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, July 16, 1973) ; Tape Video Live (exhibited at Leo Castelli Gallery, Feb. 1972) ; Wall Space Stage (illustrated  – solo show, 112 Greene St. Dec. 1972) ; Oleo ; Allegory: Cloth River Road performed in cooperation with the Grand Union with Humming Bird, Penelope, Alex Hay, Barbara Dilley, Kitty Duane, Carol Goodden, Nancy Green, and Suzanne Harris (illustrated – The Dance Gallery, April-May 1973) ; Autumnal Equinox ; Dissolve ; Air Space Stage.