Reiner Ruthenbeck “Eclipse”

Conversation with Willoughby Sharp took place in Rene Block’s loft above his gallery at 409 W. Broadway, NYC. The questions were asked in English, Ruthenbeck answered in German. The conversation was recorded and Block provided the transcription of the tape. Irene von Zahn translated the German section of the transcript, Liza Béar edited the English, Erika Fischer edited the German. The conversation is printed in German and English.

Ruthenbeck discusses his transition from photography to sculpture, the influence of meditation on his work, and his method of displaying his works of art. Several pieces are discussed and/or illustrated including Apartment Object IIIWashing Machine Cloth (1971), Object for a Partial Concealment of a Videoscene (1972, included in an exhibition at Rene Block Gallery, NYC Sept. 28-Oct. 22, 1975), Lens (1966), Umbrella (1966-1967), Ladder III (1967), Ash-Heap I, II, III (1968-1969), Umbrella II (1969), Bracing III (1968), Suspension IV (1968), Suspension IV (1969-1970), Table with Cloth (1969), Apartment Object II (1971), Apartment Object III (1971), Sticky Surface (1973), Cinetic Object No. 2 (1973), Diagonal Window Sheet (1975). The exhibitions Projekt 74 and Ruthenbeck’s show at Rene Block are also discussed.