Meredith Monk: Invocation/Evocation a Dialogue with Liza Bear

Dialogue takes place on Apr. 20, 1976 at 228 W. Broadway, NYC. Monk discusses her background in music and performance and speaks in detail about the operas Quarry (1976, photos by J. Elbers and N. Tileston from the Apr. 6 performance at La Mama, NYC) and Vessel (1971) as well as the pieces Juice (1969 at the Guggenheim), Education of the Girlchild (1973, photo by V. Sladon from a Nov. 1973 performance at Cathedral of St. John the Divine), 16 Millimeter Earrings (1966, photos by D. Dorr-Dorynek from the Judson Church Dec. 1966 performance), Songs from the Hill (1975, photo from a performance at the Mickery Theatre, Amsterdam in Oct. 1975), Anthology and Small Scroll, Paris (1974, photo from performance at St. Peter’s Church, NYC), The Beach (1965, photo by P. Moore of a performance at Hardware Poets’ Playhouse, NY) as well as her work with Judson Church dancers and appearance in various Happenings.  Includes a photo of David Freivogel and Trina Owen by P. Moore from Needle-Brain Lloyd.