Bleecker-On-The-Bowery: Fitzgibbon, Colleen

Fitzgibbon now spells her name with one ‘l’ according to Liza Béar.

Taped conversation with Liza Béar that took place in Fitzgibbon’s studio at 5 Bleecker Street, NYC on Apr. 22, 1976. The dialogue is interspersed with bracketed comments clarifying and sometimes contradicting the recorded dialogue. Fitzgibbon discusses her microfilm filming project and her education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Includes photos of Fitzgibbon presenting at the National Microfilm Association conference in Feb. 1976, Fitzgibbon’s surrogate lecturer (James McClain) who took her place giving a talk at SUNY Binghamton on Oct. 31, 1975, a still from filmed newspaper microfilm, and Two Hard at Work a still from an Aug. 1975 documentary.