Bas Jan Ader “In Search of the Miraculous”

Telephone interview that took place on May 28, 1975 between Liza Béar, Willoughby Sharp, and Mary Sue Ader, Bas Jan’s widow. Mary Sue discussed the piece In Search of the Miraculous (1975) a work that was to have three parts: Part I. nine singers sing sea-shanties at Claire Copley Gallery, Part II. Songs for the North Atlantic Bas Jan sails across the Atlantic Ocean, Part III. Dutch singers sing sea-shanties at the Groninger Museum. Bas Jan was lost at sea in July, 1975 attempting part II of the piece. Mary Sue intended to travel to Holland to complete Part III of the work. The photographic documentation of Part I was exhibited at the Kabinett for Aktuelle Kunst Bremerhaven and a photograph of Ader setting sail for Part II was published in Art & Project’s Bulletin 89. Mary Sue also discussed Bas Jan’s method of documenting and exhibiting his work in film and photo and talked about the pieces FallBroken Fall Organic, and Broken Fall Geometrical. Includes photos from Part I and II of In Search of the Miraculous.