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“… a Kind of a Huh?” An Interview with Edward Ruscha by Willoughby Sharp

An Interview with Edward Ruscha by Willoughby Sharp.

A Metal Ring Encircling a Tree An Interview with Ulrich Rückriem

Interview with Willoughby Sharp in May at Castle Norvenich. Includes exhibition history.

Alan Saret: Installation for Man, a Conversation with Willoughby Sharp

Saret discusses his three years spent in India, his experience as an artist in NYC, his process of creating several art works, and Alel, the religious organization he founded.

Bas Jan Ader “In Search of the Miraculous”

Telephone interview that took place on May 28, 1976 between Liza Béar, Willoughby Sharp, and Mary Sue Ader.

Business as Usual at the Western Front

Willoughby Sharp and Liza Béar interview some of the founders of the Canadian art center Western Front.

Chris Burden: The Church of Human Energy. An Interview with Willoughby Sharp and Liza Béar

Interview with Chris Burden includes photos and descriptions of several works.

Darcy Lange Videography: Work

Lange discusses her art education and her creative shift from sculpture to film to photography to video as well as her interest in depicting people at work.

Dennis Oppenheim…Recall

Interview with Willoughby Sharp.

Different Strokes for Different Folks: An Interview with Van Schley

Interviewed by Willoughby Sharp Sept. 17, 1972.

Discussions with Barry Le Va

Discussions with Liza Béar and Willoughby Sharp June-August, 1971 at 74 Grand Street.

Interviews: Carl Andre

Carl Andre interview with Avalanche. Includes photos and discussions of several works.

Joseph Beuys Drawings 1947-1972

Advertisement for Joseph Beuys Drawings 1947-1972 Videotape interview with Willoughby Sharp.

Lawrence Weiner at Amsterdam

Interview with Willoughby Sharp, May 15, 1971. Edited in collaboration with the artist by Liza Bear. Photos by Pieter Boersma.

Phil Glass: An Interview in Two Parts

Interview done by Willoughby Sharp and Liza Béar. Includes descriptions of several performances.

Reiner Ruthenbeck “Eclipse”

Ruthenbeck discusses his transition from photography to sculpture, the influence of meditation on his work, and his method of displaying his works of art.

Robert Wilson and Christopher Knowles: “Because Why.” A Stereo Dialogue with Willoughby Sharp and Liza Bear.

Experimental interview.

Robin Winters “Fairly Regular Hours”

Discusses Winter’s art practice in California and New York.

Shuck & Jive

Interview with Lowell Darling by Willoughby Sharp on March 7, 1973 at the Otis Art Institute.

Stephen Laub’s Projections

Laub discusses his projection series Strangers and Family as well as a performance at the Museum of Conceptual Art, San Francisco.

Straight Razor: Jim Roche Talks to Willoughby Sharp

Roche discusses his audio performances.

Structure and Sensibility: An Interview with Jannis Kounellis

Interview with Jannis Kounellis includes an exhibition history and illustration of several works of art.

Terry Fox: Children’s Videotapes

Discusses his Children’s Videotapes which were shown at the Everson Museum of Art.

The Gold-diggers of ’84: An Interview with General Idea

Interview with General Idea. Includes photographs.

The Phil Glass Ensemble: Music in Twelve Parts

Willoughby Sharp interviewed members of the Phil Glass Ensemble following their July 10 concert at The Town Hall, New York.

Yvonne Rainer

Interview conducted by Liza Béar and Willoughby Sharp on Aug. 10, 1972 at 137 Greene Street.