Updates on artists’ activities, announcements of exhibitions, performances, and publications

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“Je/Nous” at Musee d’Ixelles

Description of the exhibition “Je/Nous” organized in aid of the Belgian newspaper Pour. Includes a partial list of participating artists. Catalogue here.

“Soup & Tart” at the Kitchen

Description of “Soup & Tart” a program organized by Jean Dupuy.

“South of the Slot” at 63 Bluxome Street

Announcement of a show of northern Californian artists.

“The Desert People” Premier

Announcement of the premier of David Lamelas’ film.

7 Exhibitions at the Tate Gallery

Announcement of a month long series of solo shows entitled “7 Exhibitions” organized by Michael Compton and held at the Tate Gallery. Artists include Keith Arnatt, Michael Craig-Martin, Bob Law, David Tremlett, Hamish Fulton, Joseph Beuys and Bruce McLean.

70th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Museums

Announcement of the conference theme and location.

9 artists/9 spaces at the Walker Art Center

Description of the removal and subsequent reinstallation of Wegman’s contribution to the exhibition 9 artists/9 spaces in Minneapolis, MN.

A Space

Description of the Canadian non-profit art space.

Adrian Piper Moving to Boston


Agnes Denes at Corcoran Gallery

Announcement of Denes’ show “Perspectives”.

Alan Saret Mailing

Mention of Saret’s mailing inviting people to 54 Leonard St., NYC.

Alan Saret: Ghosthouse

Description and photo of Ghosthouse.

Alice Aycock and Rita Myers at Walters Hall Art Gallery

Description of the exhibition and a brief exhibition history and description of each artist’s oeuvre.

Alice Aycock’s Tropico de Cancer

Description and photograph of Alice Aycock’s Tropico de Cancer.

Allen Ruppersberg at 72 Market Street.

Announcement of exhibition at 72 Market Street, Venice CA.

Allen Ruppersberg Update

Mention of recent works by Ruppersberg.

Alphabet by John Perreault

Description of Alphabet, performed at the Emanuel YMHA (New York City) on January 31.

American Woman Artist Show

Mention of the exhibition “American Woman Artist Show” which took place at Kunsthaus Hamburg, April 14-May 14, 1974. includes list of participating artists.

And/Or Gallery

Announcement of the opening of a new gallery in Seattle.

Andrzej Lachowicz: Permart

Update on Lachowicz’s activities.

Andy Warhol’s Specimen Days

Mention of films Blue Movie and Specimen Days.

Annette Messager Update

Briefly discusses artwork and an exhibition.

Art Access Media

Mention of Brian O’Doherty’s appearance on Art Access Media to discuss videotape art.

Art and Anti-Art

Description of a Westdeutscher Rundfunk public television special called “Art and Anti-Art”.

Art/Tapes/22 at Walker Art Center

Announcement of a video show at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN.

Artists Space Announcement

Announcement of the opening of Artists Space.


Description of the rock theater group comprised of New York City based artists.

Attack and Counterattack

Description of and still from an untitled film shot by Jim Melchert.

Austrian Artist Arnulf Rainer

Update on Rainer’s activities.

Aves: Magnificent Frigate Bird, Great Flamingo

Description of Graves’s film Aves: Magnificent Frigate Bird, Great Flamingo (1973).

Barbara Lloyd at St. Mark’s Church

Mention of a December performance of The Natural History of the American Dancer: Lesser Known Species at St. Mark’s-in-the-Bouwerie.

Barbara Smith: A Week in the Life of…

Description by Smith of her performance A Week in the Life of…

Barry Le Va Pyramid Piece

Description of the making of a pyramid piece in California.

Bas Jan Ader

Brief discussion of several pieces by Bas Jan Ader. Includes a statement by the artist.

Bas Jan Ader

Announcement of a Bas Jan Ader piece at Art & Project.

Bas Jan Ader at Kabinett fur Aktuelle Kunst

Announcement of Ader’s exhibition “In Search of the Miraculous”.

Bernard Aubertin

Mention of a recently completed documentary.

Bertil Petersson: Two Part Invention

Photo and description of the piece Two Part Invention.

Bill Beckley

Description of several pieces by Bill Beckley.

Bill Beckley Update

Update on Bill Beckley exhibitions.

Bill Beiren: Similarities and Differences

Description of Similarities and Differences, a street performance by Bill and Stephen Beirne.

Brenda Miller

Some biographical information about Brenda Miller and her description of the piece Verjonging.

Buckminster Fuller Update

Update on Buckminster Fuller’s summer activities and a description of the World Game.

Carl Andre at the Guggenheim

Mention of Carl Andre show at the Guggenheim Museum.

Carl Andre, WBAI

Mention of Carl Andre’s WBAI donation.

Carp, Los Angeles

Description of Carp, an art venture formed by Barbara Burden and Marylin Nix.

Centro di Documentazione Internationale

Description of the Centro di Documentazione Internationale headed by Mario Giorgi.

Chris Burden at the Poolerie

Photo and description of the piece Dreamy Nights.

Chris Burden Update

Description of several pieces by Burden including You’ll Never See my Face in Kansas City, Bicycle Riding Piece, and I Became a Secret Hippy.

Chris Burden’s “Oh, Dracula”

Description of Burden’s performance piece.

Chris Burden’s Dead Man, LA

Description and photograph of Dead Man performed by Chris Burden at Riko Mizuno’s gallery on Sunday, Nov. 12.

Chris Burden: B-Car

Description, photo, and price of Burden’s B-Car.

Christian Boltanski’s Le Grand-Pere

Mention of a series of performances enacting Boltanski’s childhood.

Circuit: A Video Invitational

Describes the exhibition “Circuit: A Video Invitational” curated by David Ross. Includes list of venues and participating artists.

Clay Dwelling by Charles Simonds

Location for a clay dwelling piece.

Colleen Fitzgibbon: Manpower

Description of several works.

Contemporanea, Rome

Description of the international group exhibition “Contemporanea.”

Danse Albarga

Instructions for a dance.

Date Paintings by On Kawara

Description and photographs of the Today Series of Date Paintings by On Kawara.

David Askevold at Galerie Paul Maenz

Announcement of David Askevold’s first solo show.

David Ross Update

Announcement of Ross’s new job.

David Tremlett at the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford

Brief description of works to be shown at Tremlett’s exhibition.

David Tremlett Hitchhiked from Dusseldorf to Australia


Deborah Hay at 112 Green Street Gallery

Deborah Hay invited the audience to present Circle Dance.

Description, Festival of Music and Dance

Description of the Festival of Music and Dance, organized by Fabio Sargentini at the Galleria l’Attico, Rome.

Diane Arbus at the Museum of Modern Art

Description of Diane Arbus’s first retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art.

Dickie Landry’s New Band

Announcement of a new music group featuring Dickie Landry, David Lee, Robert Prado, Rusty Gilder, Richard Peck, Allen Braufman.

Diter Rot “stopped showing his stuff.”

Dieter Roth update.

Douglas Huebler Chez Yvon Lambert

Announcement of an exhibition at Galerie Yvon Lambert.

Draft of Artists’s Reserved Rights Sale Agreement

Description and discussion of Artist’s Reserved Rights Sale Agreement.

E.A.T.’s Projects Outside Art

The exhibition “Projects Outside Art” described.

Egyptians Unlike Romans

Announcement that Wegman lost interest in creating his piece.

Elements, Actions, and Conditions of Turgescent Sex

Stills and description of the Terry Fox film Turgescent Sex.

Enzo Esposito at Pasquale Trisorio

Photo of Esposito’s postcard announcement for a performance at Pasquale Trisorio.

Exhibition of Advanced Art

Brief description of an exhibition organized by Antonio Mercader in Del Tint, Banyoles, Girona, Spain.

Exhibitions at Samangallery

Lists exhibitions by Brenda Miller and others.

Exhibitions: “Identifications” a Television Exhibition

Description of the television exhibition “Identifications” organized by Gerry Schum on November 30, 1970.

Exhibitions: Beuys and Fox Perform Isolation Unit

Description of the performance piece Isolation Unit by Joseph Beuys and Terry Fox.

Exhibitions: California Girls

Exhibition at the Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA. February 11-March 7, 1971.

Exhibitions: Contributions Being Accepted for “For the People”

Announcement of the exhibition “For the People,” organized by Whoever.

Exhibitions: Elements of Art at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Announcement of the exhibition “Earth, Air, Fire, Water: Elements of Art”.

Exhibitions: Formulation

Announcement of the exhibition “Formulation” at the Addison Gallery of American Art.

Exhibitions: Hard Core by Walter De Maria

List of showings of Hard Core (1969).

Exhibitions: Painting and Sculpture by New York Women Artists

Announcement of the exhibition “Twenty Six Contemporary Women Artists” organized by Lucy Lippard.

Exhibitions: Paul Kos Update

Information about a few Kos projects.

Exhibitions: Robert Breer’s Osaka I

Description and photo of Breer’s piece Osaka I, mention of film screenings.

Films: Mary Miss “Cut-Off”

Description of the film Cut-Off (1974-75) by Mary Miss with camera and editing by Bill Gordy. Includes a still from the film.

Films: Nancy Holt “Pine Barrens”

Description of the film Pine Barrens (1975) by its creator, Nancy Holt.

Films: Virginia Piersol “Left-Hand Throw”

Description by Piersol of her film Left-Hand Throw. Includes stills from the film and a discussion of her creative process. Also mentions In the Wake of… to be show at the Idea Warehouse on July 7.

Food Opening

Description of the unofficial opening of the artist run restaurant Food.

Forthcoming Environmental Exhibition by Claes Oldenburg

Announcing upcoming exhibition at Sidney Janis’s 57th street gallery.

Francesc Torres and Galerie des Locataires

Mention of two exhibitions featuring Torres.

Francesco Abad

Description of an exhibition in Spain. Abad listed as a participant.

Frank Gillette’s “Last Five Years”

Description of the video exhibition “The Last Five Years” at the Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse from May 19-June 18. Includes a plan of the installation. Previous works are mentioned as well, including Wipe Cycle realized with Ira Schneider was shown in the exhibition “T.V. as a Creative Medium” (May 1969) ; Amps, Watts & Bolts exhibited at “Vision […]

Fred Escher Update

Information and update on Fred Escher’s publishing and exhibiting activities.

Freud Photos at the Jewish Museum

Brief description of the exhibition “19 Berggasse: The Office and Antiquities of Dr. Sigmund Freud, Vienna, 1938”.

From Down Under: Neil Evans

Description of several performances by Neil Evans.

Frosty Myers at Sculpture Now, Inc.

Brief description of the creation of works in Myers’ show.

Galleria l’Attico Opening Hours

Updated hours of Fabio Sargentini’s gallery.

Galleries: Reese Palley, San Francisco

Announces Terry Fox solo show at Reese Palley Gallery, San Francisco. Includes photos of works by Fox.

Gallery Arcade Le Bailli, Belgium

Description of galleries located in the gallery arcade, “Le Bailli,” Belgium.

Gary Beydler: Pasadena Freeway Stills

Photo and description of Pasadena Freeway Stills by Beydler.

Gary Woods: Dream/Paralysis

Information about the filmmaker Gary Woods.

George Smudge’s Oxygen Rickshaw

Description of rickshaw supplying nitrogen. The project was financed and conceived by Smudge.

Gerard Hovagimyan’s “Control Designators”

Announcement and description of the exhibition.

Gerry Schum: Video Pioneer


Gianfranco Gorgoni is on Assignment for Newsweek

Update on activities.

Gilbert & George at Lucio Amelio’s Gallery, Naples

Mention of the exhibition “Bloody Life: Selections from the Collection of Dorothy and Herbert Vogel.”

Gilbert & George at Sonnabend Gallery

Photo and description of Underneath the Arches performed by Gilbert and George.

Girouard and Harris at 112 Greene

Tina Girouard and Suzanne Harris midnight rites at 112 Greene to celebrate the autumnal equinox.

Glenda Hydler’s book art

Hydler describes her artist books.

Gordon Matta’s Museum

Description and photograph of Gordon Matta-Clark’s piece Museum shown at the Bykert Galler, 24 E. 81 St. NYC, in June.

Group Show at 112 Greene Street

Description of an exhibition at 112 Greene Street Gallery coordinated by Richard Van Buren.

Gunderson & Clark at 98 Greene Street

Brief description of a performance by Gunderson & Clark at Holly Solomon’s 98 Greene Street Loft.

Hallwalls, Buffalo, New York

Summaries of events at the gallery over its first eighteen months of existence.

Hanne Darboven at Westfalisher Kunstverein

Description of Hanne Darboven’s oeuvre and mention of a retrospective.

Hans Breder at the University Theater

Description and illustration of Breder’s Eclipse II.

Happenings and Fluxus Opened on November 6

Description and photo of the exhibition “Happenings and Fluxus” which took place at the Kölnischer Kunstverein in 1970.

Hardu Keck: Fireman’s Fountain

Description and photo of Fireman’s Fountain which took place on May 17, 1975.

Harris at 112

Description of Suzanne Harris’s solo exhibition at 112 Greene Street Gallery.


Biographical information and description of artistic practice of Ulrike Rosenbach.

Henry F. Odell June 17, 1976

Drawing of Henry F. Odell by Lil Picard.

Hiro Kosaka at Mori’s Form

Description of works by Hiro Kosaka.

J.A.N. Galligan

Mentions several works by Galligan.

Jack Goldstein at the Pomona Art Gallery

Description and illustration of a piece from Goldstein’s solo show at the Pomona Art Gallery.

Jackie Winsor

Brief description of several pieces.

Jaime Davidovich RR Bridge Project

Descriptions of several Jaime Davidovich projects.

James Turrell Update

Lists recent exhibitions and projects.

Jay Jaroslav Indictment Doubtful

Describes FBI raid and subsequent arrest of Jaroslav in Boston.

Jeffrey Lew at 112 Greene Street

Description of two exhibitions at the gallery.

Jennifer Bartlett’s History of the Universe

Update on activities of Jennifer Bartlett and Joel Shapiro.

Jindrich Chalupecky on Eva Kmentova and Hugo Demartini

Quotes from art theoretician Jindrich Chalupecky on the Czech artists Eva Kmentova and Hugo Demartini.

Joan Jonas and Barbara Lloyd Present New Dances

Description of works by Joan Jonas and Barbara Lloyd.

Joan Jonas’ Song Delay

Mention of several projects by Joan Jonas.

Joel Fisher Awarded Grant

Announcement of grant awarded to Fisher to live and work in Berlin.

Jon Gibson at the Kitchen

Announcement of concert by Gibson at the Kitchen.

Joseph Beuys at Rene Block Gallery

Description of Beuys’ I Like Amerika, Amerika Likes Me

Julia Heyward’s “Ma I Am Huh”

Heyward describes her performance piece Ma I Am Huh.

Juxtaposed, Contained, Revealed

Description of a dance piece by Barbara Dilley and Tina Girouard.

Keith Sonnier at the Venice Biennale

Sonnier will represent the US at the Venice Biennale.

Keith Sonnier Awarded Prize

Keith Sonnier update.

Keith Sonnier: Send/Receive/Send November 29-30

Description of Send/Receive/Send a collaboration with Keith Sonnier and Mabou Mines.

Klaus Rinke, Young Dusseldorf Sculptor

Photo of Klaus Rinke’s Rhine Water and mention of “Information” exhibition.

L.A.’s Rock Heavies at Boyd Elder’s Opening

Mention of art opening of Boyd Elder’s plastic paintings at his studio in Venice, CA.

Laddie Dill Joins Sonnabend

Announcement that Laddie Dill represented by Sonnabend Gallery.

Lawrence Weiner First Quarter

Discussion of Lawrence Weiner’s film A First Quarter.

Lawrence Weiner Update

Mention of Weiner’s exhibition “From Major to Minor/From Small to Large (Often Found) Within the context of Effectiveness” at the Claire S. Copley Gallery, Los Angeles, in November and his current film project. Daniel Buren also showed at Copley. Additional information about the gallery here.

Letter from Gábor Attalai

Letter from Gabor Attalai to Avalanche.

Lines Arched Some Touching

Drawing of a face.

Liverpool Beach Burial

Update on artist Keith Arnatt.

Lothar Baumgarten at Konrad Fischer Galerie

Announcement of a Lothar Baumgarten exhibition at Konrad Fischer Galerie, Düsseldorf.

Lowell Darling Divorced

Darling divorced from his wife at Womanspace.

Luis Fernanda Benedit, Venice Biennale, and CAYC

Update on Luis Fernanda Benedit and Centro de Arte y Comunicacion (CAYC).

Mac Adams

Brief description of a current project by Mac Adams.

Man Ray Retrospective

Announcement of a Man Ray retrospective at the New York Cultural Center.

Marcel Broodthaers at the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford

Announcement of an exhibition and subsequent catalogue by Broodthaers.

Marcel Duchamp Retrospective

Photo of Duchamp and announcement of a retrospective at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Maria Nordman at Galleria Toselli

Description of Nordman’s solo show at Galleria Toselli, Milan.

Maria Nordman at Irvine

Illustration and description by Nordman of Saddleback Mountain.

Mary Beth Edelson at Henri 2

Mention of exhibition at Henri 2, Washington D.C.

Mary Miss: A Way of Visualizing a Space

Short bio and brief exhibition history of the artist Mary Miss.

Mary Shaffer: Keep Off Sidewalks

Shaffer describes a sidewalk piece included in the exhibition “Garbage for Your Eye” show at Greenfield Community College, Mass.

Max Neuhaus’s Long Distance Touch

Description of unrealized piece entitled Long Distance Touch.

Message: Eadweard Muybridge Exhibition

Announcement of a Muybridge exhibition of photographs.


Dee-Dee and the Artistics perform at New Age Chit-Chat Cantina.

Messages: Jasper Johns Works Sold at Auction

Results from the auction of the collection of Robert Scull at Parke Bernet

Messages: “Projected Video” at the Whitney Museum

List of some films projected in the exhibition.

Messages: “San Francisco Bay Area Artists’ Work on Videotape” at And/Or

Announcement of the exhibition “San Francisco Bay Area Artists’ Work on Videotape” that was shown at the non-profit artist’s space And/Or.

Messages: 112 Greene Reopening

Jeffrey Lew and 112 Greene Street Gallery receive an NEA grant.

Messages: A Pedestrian Diversion by Bill Beirne

Announcement of A Pedestrian Diversion performed by Bill Beirne on the east sidewalk on Mercer St., NYC.

Messages: According to Bruce McLean

McLean lists the major British rock musicians of the 1970s.

Messages: Ad Hoc Women Artists’ Committee Registry of Women Artists

Ad Hoc Women Artists’ Committee is compiling a list of women artists for a registry.

Messages: Alan Sondheim Update

Update on his activities.

Messages: Anarchitecture

Mention of the artist group Anarchitecture.

Messages: Andy Mann at Anthology Film Archives

Tapes from Italy and Texas shown at Anthology.

Messages: Andy Warhol at Finch College Museum

Mention of his contribution to “Art in Process” .

Messages: Andy Warhol Update

Rumor that Elizabeth Taylor planned to star in his next movie.

Messages: Anthony McCall wins the Jean Marie Josi Prize

McCall won the Belgian prize for his film Line Describing a Cone.

Messages: Art & Project Publishing Book by Richard Long

Announcement of the publication of the booklet From Around a Lake by Richard Long published by Art & Project.

Messages: Audrey Hemenway Garfinkel at the Jewish Museum

Description of Garfinkel’s sculpture Late Model Sukkah.

Messages: Barry Bryant in Hoved Bladet

Announcement of Bryant’s street works in the Copenhagen underground newspaper.

Messages: Bernadette Mayer’s Memory

Memory by Bernadette Mayer on view at 74 Grand Street.

Messages: Beryl Korot at the Kitchen

One Four Channel and One One Channel Video Works shown Feb. 15-29 at the Kitchen.

Messages: Bob Kinmont at Reese Palley Gallery

Announcement of a spring show at Reese Palley Gallery, San Francisco.

Messages: Brigid Polk Photographs

Mention of photos of Brigid Polk impersonating Larry Poons.

Messages: Bruce Nauman at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Announcement of “Bruce Nauman: work from 1965-1972″.

Messages: Bruce Nauman’s Retrospective Delayed

Announcement of the postponement of Bruce Nauman’s retrospective at The Los Angeles Museum of Art

Messages: Candid Rowboat

Candid Rowboat being played on Manhattan Public Access Dec. 15. Illustrated.

Messages: Chris Burden

Description of Through the Night Darkly by Chris Burden.

Messages: Chris Cook

Quote about conceptual art from Chris Cook, the director of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston.

Messages: Christopher Rauschenberg at 112 Greene St.

Announcement of Rauschenberg’s solo show “Black and White Photographs Taken in the Last Three Years.”

Messages: Chuck Ross Working on a Film

Brief mention, working on a film on sunlight.

Messages: Contemporanea, Rome Exhibition Opening

Listing of artists heading to Rome, Italy for the Nov. 28 opening of the exhibition Contemporanea.

Messages: Daniel Buren’s Indications

Daniel Buren executing works around New York City.

Messages: David Lee’s Pyramid Theory

Brief description of the movie.

Messages: David Medalla Now Working in Paris

Update on David Medalla, Philippine artist and editor of Signals (London).

Messages: Dennis Oppenheim at Musee des Beaux Arts

Update on Oppenheim’s artistic activities.

Messages: Description of Work by Maria Michalowska

Mention of Michalowska’s piece One Week: Residue of Events That Have Not Taken Place (illustrated).

Messages: Director of Jewish Museum Resigns

Karl Katz resigned from the Jewish Museum on February 2.

Messages: Dix mille lires par mois by Prini

Announcement of the installation.

Messages: Don Roger Gill Death Announcement

Announcement of Gill’s death by electrocution while rehabbing his loft in SoHo.

Messages: Douglas Dunn at the Minnesota Dance Theatre

Announcement of a solo performance of “Gestures in Red”.

Messages: Ed Ruscha at Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Mention of Ruscha retrospective.

Messages: Eighth Paris Biennale

Announcement of American participants in the exhibition “Eighth Paris Biennale”.

Messages: Eleanor Antin

Mention of Eleanor Antin’s 100 Boots Outside.

Messages: Eric Emmerson forms the group Messiah

Mention of Emmerson’s group Messiah which performs weekends at the Mercer Street Kitchen.

Messages: Gerald Hayes at Laura Knott Gallery

Mention of Gerald Hayes’s solo show at the Laura Knott Gallery.

Messages: Gilbert & George at Sonnabend

Mention of upcoming exhibition at Sonnabend Gallery, New York.

Messages: Gilbert & George Book Announcement

Announcement of a book about Gilbert and George published by Kaster and Walther Konig.

Messages: Gilbert & George Tour Germany

Gilbert & George tour Germany in October to perform Underneath the Arches.

Messages: Gino de Dominicis

Description of a piece by Gino de Dominicis shown at Galleria L’Attico.

Messages: Glass and Wilson Opera

Announcement that Glass and Wilson plan on collaborating on an opera in Iran.

Messages: Gordon Matta at Food

Mention of bone dinner Matta-Clark served at Food on Feb. 20.

Messages: Gordon Matta-Clark Update

Update on his activities in Italy.

Messages: Grants to Develop Rooftops Awarded

Haus-Rucker-Co. and Cooper Union were recipients of a monetary award to develop rooftop projects in New York.

Messages: Groupo Tatatata

Announcement of an outdoor musical videopiece staring Dee d’Orazio. Special thanks given to the Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, Holland.

Messages: Gunderson & Clark at the N.A.M.E. Gallery

Announcement of a performance of RADMA WAAD.

Messages: Hanne Darboven at Konrad Fischer

Brief description of a daily changing exhibition entitled “One Century in One Year” at Konrad Fischer’s Galerie.

Messages: Hanne Darboven quote from Art Aktuell

Quote on never exhibiting art again.

Messages: Hans Haacke at Paul Maenz

Announcement of the opening of Galerie Paul Maenz.

Messages: Helio Oiticica Update

Brief mention of his work in the exhibition “Information.”

Messages: Hibiscus and the Cockettes

Update of the Cockettes.

Messages: Howard Fried’s July Exhibition

Mention of Fried’s exhibition “All My Dirty Blue Clothes” at Reese Palley Gallery, San Francisco.

Messages: I Am Thinking To Float Away

Photo of Ikka Juhani Takalo-Eskola’s work.

Messages: Italo Scanga at the Whitney

Announcement of an upcoming solo show.

Messages: Italo Scanga at the Woods-Gerry Gallery

Mention of an exhibition of Scanga’s work in the basement of the Woods-Gerry Gallery

Messages: Jackie Ferrara Solo Show

Announcement of Jackie Ferrara’s show at AM Sachs Gallery.

Messages: Jackie Winsor in “12 Statements: Beyond the Sixties”

Announcement of the exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Messages: Jeffrey Lew Applies for Grant

Mention of Lew’s grant application to the New York State Council on the Arts.

Messages: Jeffrey Lew at John Weber Gallery

Announcement of new work at John Weber Gallery.

Messages: Joan Jonas’ Endless Drawing

Announcement of a performance of Endless Drawing.

Messages: John Baldessari at Konrad Fischer Galerie

Announcement of spring show at Konrad Fischer Galerie, Dusseldorf.

Messages: John Bull Puncture Repair Kit on Tour

Update on tour of Germany and Holland.

Messages: John Coplans, Editor

Announcement of Coplans’s appointment as editor of Artforum.

Messages: John Perrault Writing a Book

Brief mention of book project on Andy Warhol.

Messages: Joseph Kosuth at Protetch-Rivkin Gallery

Description of the piece Outline of the Library of Congress Classification at Protetch-Rivkin Gallery, Washington D.C. in January.

Messages: Joseph Kosuth Retrospective

List of cities hosting the Kosuth retrospective.

Messages: Juan Downey Growing Plants in His Manhattan Loft

Brief description of Juan Downey’s project.

Messages: Keith Sonnier Update

Update on his activities.

Messages: Kinetic Ocean Piece

Description of Robert Grosvenor’s Kinetic Ocean Piece.

Messages: King for a Day by Bruce McClean

Mention of McClean’s piece.

Messages: LA Department of Health Confiscates Exhibition

Mention of confiscation of artwork from Dieter Roth’s exhibition “Staple Cheese (A Race)”.

Messages: Larry Stark at the Addison Gallery of American Art

Brief description of Stark’s exhibition “In the Merry Month of May/Larry Crossed the USA/Ate McDonalds All the Way/Tells His Story Day by Day.”

Messages: Lawrence Weiner Update

Update on activities.

Messages: Lina Wertmuller’s New Movie

Mention of a movie that will feature Van Schley, Richard Dreyfus, and Shelley Winters.

Messages: Luigi Ontani Update

Photo from Ontani’s series of self portraits as historical figures.

Messages: Mario Amaya will not direct the MCA,Chicago

Announcement of Amaya’s rescinding the director position at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

Messages: Mario Merz at John Weber Gallery

Mention of Merz’s exhibition of Fibonacci tables and the drawings on which they are based.

Messages: Max Neuhaus and Walter De Maria Drum Duel

Mention of a drum duel between Walter de Maria and Max Neuhaus.

Messages: Michael Heizer Update

Update since completing the piece Actual Size at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Messages: Mike Metz Leaves Providence for New York

Update on Mike Metz’s activities.

Messages: Miss Mouse Brings Fall Collection to Town

Miss Mouse update.

Messages: Movies at Anthology Film Archives

Mention of several movies to be shown at Anthology.

Messages: Moving Through the Universe in Bare Feet

Brief description of Deborah Hay’s book.

Messages: National Endowment for the Arts

Announcement of the appointment of Leavitt to head an NEA grant panel.

Messages: New Publication from the London ICA

ICAsm edited and designed by Giles Marking and Stacy Waddy.

Messages: Newton Harrison at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Brief description of Harrison’s contribution to the exhibition “Earth, Air, Fire, Water: Elements of Art”.

Messages: Nice Style’s “Final Pose”

Photo published and mailed to supporters.

Messages: Nice Style’s London Premier

Announcement of Nice Style’s performances in England and Norway.

Messages: Panamarenko Attempts to Fly His Man-powered Machine

Panamarenko rose five feet off the ground for fifteen yards.

Messages: Paul Cotton Living in the Back of a Gallery

Update on activities.

Messages: Perreault and Haber at the Lenox Art Center

Ira Joel Haber and John Perreault collaboration at the Lenox Art Center, Mass.

Messages: Phil Glass Ensemble

Update on the activities of Glass and the Philip Glass Ensemble.

Messages: Phil Niblock at the Whitney

Announcement of the concert event “Environments III”.

Messages: Postcard

Quote from a postcard from Gilbert & George.

Messages: Preston McClanahan Exhibition

Brief description of an exhibition at the Woods-Gerry Gallery.

Messages: Rafael Ferrer at Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania

Brief description of Ferrer’s solo environmental show at the University of Pennsylvania Institute of Contemporary Art.

Messages: Richard Landry at The Dance Gallery

Brief description of a concert featuring Richard Landry.

Messages: Richard Long at Art & Project

Announcement of a sculpture on exhibit at Art & Project.

Messages: Richard Long at Galerie Yvon Lambert

Announcement of show in April, 1975.

Messages: Richard Nonas at 10 Bleeker Street

Mention of pieces shown May 13-27 at a “dealerless” space at 10 Bleeker Street, NYC.

Messages: Robert Smithson Killed in Plane Crash

Announcement of Robert Smithson’s death, along with a photographer and pilot, by plane crash on the site of Amarillo Ramp on July 20.

Messages: Robert Whitman’s Salary

Listing of Whitman’s salary as Billy Kluver’s assistant at E.A.T.

Messages: Roger Welch Performance

Mention of a performance of Long Island Maneuvers.

Messages: Rotterdam Arts Foundation Videogroup

Description of videotape production assistance offered, includes list of artists with whom they have worked.

Messages: Scott Billingsly at the Whitney

Announcement of Induction a solo show by Billingsly at the Whitney Museum Art Resources Center.

Messages: Sol Lewitt at MIT

LeWitt showed Wall Drawings, Sculpture at MIT’s Hayden Gallery, Feb. 28-March 26.

Messages: Sol Lewitt in Art & Project Bulletin

Announcement of pieces in Art & Project’s 32nd bulletin.

Messages: The Book Stripped Bare

Brief description of the exhibition “The Book Stripped Bare” held at Emily Lowe Gallery, Hofstra University.

Messages: Trakas at the Graduate Center

Announcement of the exhibition of Wall Pieces.

Messages: Transitions

Birth announcement.

Messages: Update on General Idea, Image Bank, and the New York Corres-Sponge Dance School of Vancouver

Mention of a summer exhibition at Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris of works by General Idea, Image Bank, and the New York Corres-Sponge Dance School of Vancouver.

Messages: Valley Curtain Project

Brief description of Christo’s Valley Curtain Project.

Messages: Vito Acconci

Vito Acconci mentioned in the Messages section of Rumbles.

Messages: Vito Acconci

Description of Anniversary Waltz performed by Vito Acconci at Galleria Schema, Florence.

Messages: William Wegman, Solo Show

Announcement of Wegman solo show at the Pomona Art Gallery.

Messages: Winners of Dance Marathon

Jackie Winsor and Marty Greenbaum won the dance marathon that took place on March 2 at Joe LoGiudice’s.

Messages: Yoko Ono’s “This Is Not Here”

Description of “This is Not Here” an exhibition at the Everson Museum, Syracuse.

Michael Harvey at Verelst-Poirier Gallery

Description of Harvey’s one-man exhibition at Verelst-Poirier Gallery, Antwerp.

Michael Snow at Anthology Film Archives

Rameau’s Nephew by Diderot (Thanx to Dennis Young) by Wilma Schoen, 1974 was screened.

Mogul is Mobil

Postcard from Susan Mogul.

Museum of Conceptual Art Opening Exhibitions

Describes opening exhibitions of the Museum of Conceptual Art, 86 Third Street, San Francisco, CA.

Museums: MOCA, San Francisco

Photo of the Cockettes performing Madame Butterfly at the Museum of Conceptual Art, San Francisco on May 18, 1970. Photo by Barry Klinger.

Nancy Graves at the Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia

Announcement of an exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia

New Era Social Club


New Realists Tenth Anniversary

Description of the exhibition “The New Realists 1960/1970” .

New Serials

Announcement of publications by Kathy Acker and Constance DeJong.

New York to Chicago

Description of the “New York to Chicago” show in the Mies Van der Rohe office tower and plaza in Chicago.

Nice Style Directed by Bruce McLean

Mention of and still from Crease Crisis.

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

Description of the college. Includes mention of visiting artists, student work, local galleries, and artworks.

Objects by Neil Jenney in Objects by Merce Cunningham

Announcement of objects by Neil Jenney used in Merce Cunningham’s work Objects, performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

On Kawara at Cusack Gallery

Announcement of Kawara’s solo exhibition at Cusack Gallery, Houston.

Opening: 98 Greene Street Loft

Announcement of the opening of the 98 Greene Street Loft gallery.

Otto Piene Appointed Director

Announcement of Otto Piene’s appointment as director of MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies.

P.M.J. Self & Co. Gallery

Announcement of the opening of Robert Self’s gallery P.M.J. Self & Co. Ltd. at 10 Haunch of Venison Yard, London. The first exhibition is of works by Bruce Nauman.

Paul Cotton Detained

Mention of Paul Cotton’s arrest at the Pepsi-Cola Pavilion at Osaka World’s Fair.

Paul Maenz’s New Book

Announcement of the publication Art Deco – Forms Between Two Wars 1920-1940.

Paul Soleri’s Arcosanti

Brief description of architecture projects and upcoming exhibitions.

Performance Arts Festival

Announcement of festival being staged in Covent Garden by the Arts Council of Great Britain.

Peter Frank: More Than a Listing

Descriptions and publication information about several art and artist books.

Philip Glass Ensemble Update

Discusses the recording and performance of the pieces Music in 12 Parts and Music with Changing Parts, and performances at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and the Whitney Museum.

Poetry Reading

Announcement of a poetry reading by art critics at the Marian Locks Gallery.

Project, Inc. Cambridge, Mass.

Describes the alternative art space Project, Inc.


List of catalogues and books recently published.


List of new books by artists, catalogues, periodicals, and video. Includes publication and ordering information.


List of recent publications: books by artists, exhibition catalogues and periodicals.


List of new artists’ books, art books, catalogues, periodicals, and books on video.

Publications: Books by Artists

List of recent artists’ books with publication information.

Publications: Catalogues

List of recent exhibition catalogues with exhibition date and venue information.

Publications: Giulio Paolini Participated in the Exhibition “Formulations”

Mention of Paolini’s participation in “Formulations” at the Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.

Publications: Nova Scotia of Art and Design Press

Announcement of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design press which will publish books of source material on contemporary artists.

Publications: Periodicals

List of recent periodicals with publication and subscription information.

Publications: Several Publications by Allen Ruppersberg

Discussion of recent works and publications.

Publications: Video

Listing of recent publications devoted to video art.

Ray Johnson’s New York Correspondence School

Mention of first meeting of Ray Johnson’s New York Correspondence School.

RD Ginther at the San Francisco Museum of Art

Brief description of the exhibition.

Recent Works by Ilene Segalove

Description of several videotapes by Segalove.

Reindeer Werk

Photo and description of a performance by Reindeer Work.

Richard Baron: Why Judy Garland?

Baron explains his work done in honor of the American Bicentennial.

Richard Long at Documenta 5

Mention of his activities after installing a piece at “Documenta 5.”

Richard Long Watching Hippopotami at the Central Park Zoo

Mention of Richard Long exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.

Robert Barry at Galerie MTL

Robert Barry’s slideshow Defining of It was shown at Galerie MTL, Belgium.

Robert Crumb and “Stop Trucking”

Brief mention of Crumb.

Robert Irwin at the Museum of Modern Art

Description of a temporary piece by Irwin at the Museum of Modern Art.

Robert Wade

Description of Wade’s sculptural project The Bicentennial Map of the U.S.

rockanimal by Poppy Johnson

Description of pieces rockanimal (illustrated) and Lyrical Computer.

Roger Welch at John Gibson Gallery

Brief description of solo show.

Ron Cooper’s Solo Exhibition

Upcoming events at La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art.

Schweninger’s Animal Projection

Description of Animal Projection, performed at the Woods Gallery.

Sixth Guggenheim International Exhibition

Announcement of the Sixth Guggenheim International Exhibition held February – April, 1971. Includes list of participating artists.

Skulpturen im Freien

Skulpturen im Freien by Mark di Suervo were exhibited at the Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum.


Description of the exhibition Software.

Speedy Recovery to Jackie Winsor

Message on behalf of Avalanche to Winsor.

Steve Paxton’s Two Contact Improvisation

Description of Two Contact Improvisation.

Steve Reich at the John Weber Gallery

Announcement of upcoming performance at the John Weber Gallery May 12, 13, 16, 17.

Strike at the Museum of Modern Art

Brief discussion of a strike by the MoMA union (PASTA) at the Museum of Modern Art.

Sylvia Whitman’s “Going”

Description of the dance performance.

Tania Mouraud

Information about the French photographer Tania Mouraud.

Tania Mouraud: Initiation Room

Photo and description of Initiation Room no. 2, created in Turin, 1971.

Tape-Video Live at Leo Castelli

Description of Tape-Video Live a one hour video performance in the front room of Leo Castelli’s downtown gallery.

Ted Victoria’s Obscura Projections

Brief biographical information, description of Victoria’s obscura projection pieces, and mention of previous exhibitions.

Terry Fox First New York Show

Description of the performance Cellar by Terry Fox at Reese Palley Gallery, New York.

Terry Fox Update

Update on health.

Terry O’Shea Update

Brief mention of O’Shea’s plans to execute a large-scale ecological project.

The Last Slide from Green

Brief description of the Tremlett’s exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.

The Natural History of the American Dancer

Description and photo of the dance The Natural History of the American Dancer.

The San Francisco Performance

Description of the exhibition “The San Francisco Performance” March 12-April 16 organized by Tom Marioni for the Newport Harbor Art Museum, CA.

Third Women’s Video Festival

Call for contributions to the “Third Women’s Video Festival”.

Thirty-three Year Old German Sculptor Reiner Ruthenbeck

General information about the artist, mention of solo exhibition at Konrad Fischer Gallery.

This is Your Roof!

Description of “This is Your Roof!” an exhibition of video work shown at the international art festival Meetings in Pamplona Spain, June 26-July 6.

Tim Johnson’s ‘Filthy’ Art

Description of works by Tim Johnson.


Brief description of the Triennale-India and an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Includes list of participating artists.

Trisha Brown Statement

Quote from Trisha Brown about her work.

Trisha Brown’s Spanish Dance

Mention of performances at Sonnabend Gallery of Spanish Dancefrom March 27-31.

Trova to Design Case for Wrist Computer

Brief mention of current project.

Truman Capote Update

Truman Capote update.

Two Films by Danny Lyon

Brief descriptions of Social Sciences 127 (1967) and Llanito (1972).

Ulrich Ruckriem Building a New Piece

Rückriem building his largest commission to date.

Update, Marcel Broodthaers

Update on Marcel Broodthaers including information on recent projects and exhibitions.

Update, Yvonne Rainer

List of performances, films, and dance pieces by Yvonne Rainer.

Urs Lüthi: Sketches for The Strip

Description of Lüthi’s art and a brief exhibition history.

Video News: Chris Parker

Mention of Rochester Light Switch.

Video News: Juan Downey’s “Video Art Circus”

Description of Juan Downey’s video art circus.

Video Program by Antonio Muntadas

Description of a video program produced by Muntadas.

Video: Video Vic Reports on a Feud

Description of feud between Gene Youngblood and Michael Shamberg.

Vito Acconci exhibit

Mention of an exhibition at Galleria l’Attico.

Vito Acconci Residency

Announcement of an upcoming residency at the Nova Scotia College of Art.

Vito Acconci, Claim

Photo and description of the piece Claim, performed by Vito Acconci on Sept. 10.

Wegman Exhibitions

Update on artistic ventures.

William Burroughs at the Cinematheque Pacificque, Vancouver

Mention of Burrough’s reading at the Cinematheque.

William Leavitt: A Proof of Infinity

Leavitt describes the performance A Proof of Infinity performed by Gail Gorgano.

William Wegman in New York

Mentions exhibitions at Sonnabend Gallery and 93 Grand Street.

William Wegman Update

Mention of several works.

William Wegman’s Three Speeds, Three Temperatures

Brief description and photo of Three Speeds, Three Temperatures.

Winsor Solo

Description of Winsor’s first solo show at the Paula Cooper Gallery.

Witkin at the Aldrich Museum

Photo and description of sculpture Masai II.

Women’s Interart Center

Announcement of the first exhibition of conceptual art at the Women’s Interart Center, New York.