Body Works: A Pre-critical, Non-definitive Survey of Very Recent Works Using the Human Body or Parts Thereof

Essay by Willoughby Sharp on body art. Photo and discussion of several pieces by several artists including: the photo series Beyond the Vanishing Point (1969) by Dan Graham ; Bruce McLean’s pieces Three Part Installation for the Body (1969) and Smile Piece (1969) ; discussion of Bruce Nauman’s video pieces Portrait of the Artist as a Fountain (1967), Making a Face (1970), Feet of Clay (1966-67/1970), Bouncing Ball pieces, Violin pieces, Pacing pieces, Bouncing Balls (1969), Black Balls (1969), photo of the hologram Making Faces (1968) ; Photo and discussion of Will Wegman’s piece Eleven Toothpick Expressions (1970) and mention of Wound ; Dennis Oppenheim’s 220 Yard Dash – Condensed (1969), Condensed Hop Step and Jump (1969), Two Jumps for Dead Dog Creek (1970), Ground Level (1970), Ground Maneuvers (1969), Backtrack (1969), Wound 1 (1970), Arm and Asphalt (1969), Reading Position for Second Degree Burn (1970), Hair Piece (1970), and Material Exchange (1970), photo from the six minute film Arm & Wire (1969) ; Discussion of Terry Fox’s Pushed Wall Piece (1970), “Skipping” and photo and discussion of Asbestos Tracking (1970) ; Photo and discussion of “Line” (c. 1970) by Larry Smith ; discussion of Vito Acconci’s Steps (1969), Breathing In (1969), Room Situation (Proximity) (1970), photo and discussion of Hand and Mouth Piece (1970) ; photo and discussion of Keith Sonnier’s video piece Hand (1969) ; mention of piece How to Explain a Painting to a Dead Hair(1965) by Joseph Beuys ; mention of piece Smile Support (1970) by Stephen Laub ; mention of Barry Le Va participation in the exhibition “Projections: Anti-Materialism” at La Jolla Museum May  15-July 5, 1970 and mention of Van Saun’s piece Breakthrough and his participation in the exhibition “Information” at the Museum of Modern Art, 1970.