Lehman Memories – Ruth Belopolsky Marquis, Hunter 1939

The one event that stays in my mind is what we all used to call “the day the boiler burst.” In those days there was a tunnel underneath the buildings connecting four of them. I think they housed the heating and the water and things like that, but we also used it as a place to walk between buildings when it was inclement weather. One day the boiler burst, and we were all dismissed because of it. It must have been in mid-winter. The reason it was so funny was that Mutiny on the Bounty with Clark Gable and Charles Laughton had just opened at the Capital [movie theatre] downtown on Broadway, and when I arrived there, I discovered that virtually the entire student body of the Bronx campus was sitting all around me!

— Ruth Belopolsky Marquis, Hunter 1939

From a series of oral histories completed in the 1980s
by Professor Gary Schwartz and Eileen Ourvan of the Lehman Scholars Program

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