Lehman Memories – Professor Ruth Segal Kiesler, Hunter 1932

I was closer to students at that time when I first started to teach because they were close to my age. I was quite young, and I couldn’t see associating too much with the faculty. I spent most of my time with the students. In the 1930s they had roller-skating outdoors. Between the Student Building and the Gym building, there was a big area, and at one time it was arranged in sort of a circular driveway with a grassy mall-like area in between. I think that’s where they have the flagpoles. There were a few years there where students and faculty would come out in the evening and they’d have roller-skating parties. Many people liked to be in the Bronx, but at that time they were only teaching the first years up at the Bronx. When they became juniors, they had to go downtown.

— Professor Ruth Segal Kiesler, Hunter ’32

From a series of oral histories completed in the 1980s
by Professor Gary Schwartz and Eileen Ourvan of the Lehman Scholars Program

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